Help on wheels

It’s been a decade since Randy Martin has been able to prove his identity, cash a check or even apply for a new job. The homeless man said he’s been trying to obtain a copy of his birth certificate for 10 years but has been unsuccessful, until now. Sheila Sablain, a volunteer with Samaritan Resource Center, a faith-based mobile group that provides services to the homeless or near homeless, was able to fill out the paperwork for him and hand him a copy of his birth certificate. “It feels g

Ride to peace

Dawn Runyon never thought her husband was capable of raping a teenager, especially since he fathered their then 1-year-old daughter. But some odd behavior, mixed with striking similarities between her husband and the news’ description of the rapist on the loose in their small New York town led her to contact the authorities. Timothy Rupert was very controlling and critical — one day he choked her nearly to death over finger prints on the microwave, she said. She became so fearful of him that s

Second swing at life

“It’s all in the hips, just like in the Adam Sandler movie,” Sgt. Andrew Berry told his son, Gionni, 8, who laughed at the joke before swinging his golf club in their backyard. Berry spends many afternoons standing behind his two sons, the oldest of four, making sure they are bending their knees and keeping their eyes on the ball. Even though he starred in all three at Colonial High School, Berry can’t play football, basketball or baseball anymore. But he can golf. The former Army sniper was

'Dangerous' east Orange bridge eyed by state

Wind from a passing tractor trailer truck hit Jacob Hyers with enough force to make him sway toward the rail of the bridge — Womp! The 19-year-old from Bithlo said he walks the State Road 50 bridge just east of Avalon Park Boulevard on a regular basis but still, it’s unnerving. “It’s really dangerous. I always feel like I might get hit,” Hyers said, crossing the bridge after visiting a friend. “There’s no other place to cross. There’s a swamp down there you can’t cross,” he said pointing to